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    Shanghai hao new material technology co., LTD. Is a collection of r &d, production, processing and sales of lithium ion battery coating paper in one of the high-tech private company limited by shares, the company is committed to the safety of the high-energy lithium-ion batteries solutions, widely used in high-end consumer electronics of lithium ion batteries and electric vehicle with lithium-ion batteries.

    The company was founded in 2012, is located in jinshan district of Shanghai banqiao east road no. 428. Built in a period in more than 2000 ten thousand yuan, have all grade purification workshop of 1000 square meters, with annual output of 5 million square meters of lithium ion battery isolation paper coating capacity; Annual output of 20 million square meters coating isolation paper phase ii project, is now under way.

    The company is committed to more detailed, more professional, more advanced lithium-ion battery isolation of paper coated with design, development, processing and production. " with professional people, to do professional " is the top hao of the enterprise purpose; "to quality first, leading technology " is the top hao's relentless pursuit!


    Talent is the wealth of the company's most important, the company for each has committed to new materials, new energy industry provides a powerful development platform and personal career development opportunities, sincerely hope you to join us!